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Terms of service
Terms of service
A safe family space that is easy to use for you and your loved ones!
  • A great concept for all families.
  • Your data & privacy are protected.
  • User-friendly service that works on all devices.
A new way to share safely and keep everyone connected!
  • Registering is absolutely free
  • Your interactive diary for your family
  • Guests can easily leave comments
  • Keep notes in your family notebook
  • Create your family's "who's who" section
  • Works on all mobile devices
  • A secure alternative to social networks
  • 100% private and secure for families
  • No Advertising
  • All of your data is protected
  • User-friendly for grand-parents
  • Share drawings and art & crafts
  • Share with your relatives who live far away
  • Guests are notified for every update
  • No registration required for your guests
  • Your space is password protected
  • Your data remains your property
  • Download a backup of all you files